Disorganize Facebook Friday!

How about we turn the tables on a enormous company like Facebook?! Would that be possible and I’m not thinking of a Facebook hack or DDOS attack. Since most Facebook users still do not vote by their feet I’m thinking of Disorganize Facebook Friday #DFF!


This afternoon I overheard snippets of a conversation between two girls in a shop. They were talking about leaving Facebook with all the changing user policies (the autosuggest wanted to change that for the dutch word politiestaat= policestate, is that a hint?!), but that it was so hard to leave. One of their friends was actually doing a 30 day leave Facebook trial (for real?!).

I’ve just read Hooked, How to build habit-forming product and in it the author describes ….yes how to build a habit-forming products. And for all I know Facebook has read the book very well and implemented those rules.

Not a fan of Facebook

Like some of my friends and co-workers know I an not a big fan of Facebook. Never was a member and same goes for Hyves. Yes they provide a lot of good and yes they bring joy to a lot of people although Russian dissidents beg to differ. And yes I do use other social media since you are on one now.

The thing is that I believe most of them know too much, yes I know, so does Google, so does Apple, the NSA and a whole list of other abbreviations. The Dutch governments (I live in The Netherlands) is actually one of the worst perpetrators percentage wise concerning phonetaps internet taps etc. The thing for me is that the whole balance of power is skewed between a user and the companies that provide the services. That makes that there are a lot of new millionaires and billionaires over the backs of sheepish naive users. Yes they are free to use, but the thing is that with all that data that is delivered by users free of charge, huge volumes of data are aggregated with collosal advantages of the one that owns the data ergo Facebook and it’s peers. Facebook is capable to see if a relationship will end…. a year in advance, because of data patterns, maybe you are that interesting prospects for Match.com? The users of platfroms like Facebook get a free ride, but at what costs?


The impact of Facebook itself and the companies it bought such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Occulus, is huge and won’t stop where it is now. Just read The Masterswitch by Tim Wu, Who Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier, The Big Data Revolution by Kenneth Cukier / Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, To Save Everything, Click Here by Evgeny Morozov and the likes to get a bit of an overview what is coming. Just recently Facebook did an experiment where they served people more positive or negative words in their messages to see how it would affect users and boy it did. We were all sitting very cozy in our own well-spun filter bubbles, like decades before but internet technology makes it just that little bit more easy for us and them of course. We were the laughing stock of a couple of growth hackers and data scientists eager to earn a buck on us now and many more in the future.

Disorganize Facebook Friday

How about we and with we I mean consumers me excluded since I don’t use Facebook but I feel like the ant against the kid with the magnifying glass, turn the tables on them and use them for an experiment?! Recently I read that Mat Honan, an author at Wired Magazine Liked all the stuff he read on Facebook. It totally screwed up the results the algorithm showed him. It made Facebook do all sorts of crazy stuff.

How about loads of people who, just like the two girls in the store, who are fed up with the way Facebook has locked them in and misuses their trust, all start screwing the algorithm up by liking everything they come across? Each cat meme, Christmass sweater or thing however stupid it is and try to use our power as people. Lets try to see if we can make their servers serve some smoke on Disorganize Facebook Friday and YOU readers decide which Friday it is and I, as a non-user, will read about it on Twitter and LinkedIn. I know, but they don’t feel as creepy (yet). Lets try and test if we can leverage our power and get that sense of influence back on organsations like Facebook and in the meantime confuse information snooping organisations like the NSA as an added bonus.


Books mentioned in this blog
Hooked, How to Build Habit-Forming Products
The Master Switch, The Rise and Fall of Imformation Empires
The Big Data A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think
To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism
Who Owns the Future


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